What are some the unique characteristics of parenting in Israel?

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Israel has the highest Birth compared to other OECD countries and compared to 55 different countries worldwide. This isn’t only due to our ultra orthodox community (average of~7 kids per family), but also our secular and traditional communities also have a higher birth rate than the OECD average. …

When I ask myself what are the underlying principals that a Jew today must acknowledge

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1) “First, be a Mensch”

While prayer and rituals are part of our religion, they cannot substitute ethics and moral behavior. If needed to choose, better to excel in the man to man and fail in the man to his maker, as apposed to the other way around. Like my mom always said to us…

Wishing everyone a year of health, happiness and meaning

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“OMG!!! What is that?? A grey hair!”. Just in time for my 31st birthday, I received a gift, a grey hair. Maybe this hair was a call for me to embrace my age. …

Discover what you love, do what you love (and everything you love) and you must start now!

Barbara Sher (1935–2020)

Barbara Sher was a a career life coach and a best-selling author. She appeared on Oprah and several other television shows. The “god-mother” of life coaching was famous for her down to earth techniques to help you discover and develop your inner genius.

I recently discovered her via YouTube. I…

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OK, so I know this book is from the 90’s and we are in 2021! I just recently though discovered Dennis Prager and I am loving his Fireside Chats on YouTube, where he talks about life topics and values. …

The recipe is a winner! Non-dairy, with only 4 ingredients and actually makes you yearn for Passover, when our diet is quite limited :)

I wouldn’t exactly call it an “easy” recipe, as it includes a few bowls, separating eggs and requires a mixer (all things I usually try to…

Become co-authors with God of the world that ought to be

“We are here to make a difference, to mend the fractures of the world, a day at a time, an act at a time, for as long as it take to make it a place of justice and compassion” ~Rabbi Sacks

1. How to lead a meaningful life?

“Those mourned were not the most successful, rich or…

Become co-authors with God of the world that ought to be

I just finished his fascinating book, “To Heal a Fractured World”. The book was so inspiring and thought provoking to me, I intend on writing a more detailed summary on it in the near future.

“I make no claim to wisdom”, he writes, “but this I have learned:

1) That…

Jewish Wisdom to Help Transform Jealousy Into a Catalyst of Self-Improvement

In Jewish thought, we want to have the right balance between two extreme character traits. The Hebrew word for character trait is “mida”, which means “amount”. We aspire to acquire a character trait that is not absenting oneself nor exaggerating ones self. Rambam, influenced by Aristotle, has his well- known…

4 main differences between Christianity, the world’s largest religion and Judaism, the world’s oldest monotheistic religion.

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The term “Judeo-Christian” is used to group these two religions together. Both religions read the bible, believe in a god who cares about individuals and share many other values and ideas. American leaders have used this term to mean shared values that are the core of American law and moral.

Tamar Meisels

Jewish wife and mother, pursuing a life of happiness and meaning

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